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Vital tools for independent schools

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Vital tools for independent schools
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Vital tools for independent schools

We produce suites of products to help independent schools comply with legal and regulatory requirements, plus the latest best practice, and be more effective in their operations (see tabs on the left). 

Governance Insight Magazine - Autumn EditionWithout this support, heads, bursars and governors risk letting their school, their pupils and parents down.

We only work with the leading sector advisers in developing our products and magazines so that they are useful, timely, cost-effective and accurate, making your life simpler so that you can concentrate on doing your job to the best of your ability.

All school leaders are experts. But, in an ever-changing legal and advisory landscape, we source the information that even you may not know about and keep you up-to-date via our products.

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The "i" of iExcellence stands for independent, international and inspections.

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