About Us

Why choose iExcellence services?

We only work with the leading sector advisers in developing our products and magazines so that they are useful, timely, cost-effective and accurate, making your life simpler so that you can concentrate on doing your job to the best of your ability.

iExcellence was set up by Andrew Maiden (pictured below) to help heads, bursars and governors be more effective in fulfilling their roles and duties.

Andrew launched Funding for Independent Schools in 2006, The Independent School Governor’s Handbook in 2009 (the fourth edition was published in 2017) and the Independent School Awards in 2010. He sold them to TES Global (publishers of leading education weekly TES, among many other publications) in 2014. He subsequently carried out nearly 60 video interviews and webchats for TES on a wide range of topics for over three and a half years on a consultancy basis.

He launched British International Schools magazine in 2012 and, in 2016, he launched the British International School Awards. He subsequently sold his shares in these enterprises to ISC Research.

Also in 2016, he launched Governance Insight, the scenario-based magazine for independent school governors. Independent Insight, a magazine for heads and bursars of independent schools, followed in 2018. He also launched the i25 awards.

He was a vice-chair of the governing body of a primary school for several years and was also chair of the finance committee. 

He now provides consultancy to schools and educational publishers.