Wednesday 01 February 2017

With a growing demand for an English-medium education, there has been steady growth of English speaking international schools for many years. Back in 2000 there were just 2,584 English-speaking international schools, increasing to a massive 8,433 in 2016 -- and with current forecasts expecting 16,000 schools by 2026. Read more

Friday 21 October 2016

The new ISI inspection regime was rolled out from January 2017; as you know, it is more compliance-based than before. As a result of the earlier pilots, reports will be significantly shorter, with the content focused on what is required to substantiate any regulatory non-compliance so that schools can put right any identified shortcomings. Those schools that meet the requirements will be able to pat themselves on the back for a successful inspection. Or should they?Read more

Friday 07 October 2016

Even if a school is being run well, a too-close relationship between the head and chair of governors is a cause for concern. Firstly, it means that the chair will feel unable to challenge the head. Then other governors will feel disengaged and the decision-making could become stale as there is no positive tension from broader debate. After all, the head and chair seem to have everything sewn up between them. Read more

Tuesday 04 October 2016

There are some schools that believe there is so much “chatter” on social media that it is not worth paying attention to it. But imagine that a parent at your school has Tweeted something inappropriate about one of your teachers. Shouldn’t you react? Read more

Thursday 25 August 2016

The British International School Awards celebrate innovation in strategic, financial and educational projects in qualifying schools. This particular sector is nothing if not innovative… so why not showcase your school’s achievements? Read more