b'REFOCUSING YOUR SCHOOLS STRATEGY POST-PANDEMIC: CONSULTANCY TO HELP YOUR SCHOOL ADAPTMuch of the reset schools were facing in January 2020 have not changed more than a year on. Some of these challenges have remained the same, but others have amplified significantly.Schools need to be more adaptable, more agile and more aware than ever before.The pandemic has been an extraordinary moment in the world and has had a real impact on the people in your school. Teachers have been working through the intensity of the crisis while dealing with their own feelings of fear and frustration. Meanwhile, parents never thought they would be worried about their children losing years of cognitive growth because of a disruption to school, yet here they are anxious over what they see as their children learn remotely. And, post-pandemic, parents will be seeking a return on their investment and may shop anew.We all need the tools to navigate the new normal.Sunridge Associates has partnered with iExcellence, the publishersof Independent Insight, to offer schools insights, training, coaching and consultancy to blend the pedagogical and school management in a fusion of bundles, where schools can ask for a single stick or a bundle of sticks around the best first next step as we begin this joint journey into this new normal.Bundles: What are the benefits for Re-engaging with your why. YOU and YOUR SCHOOL? School identity and culture. We provide:Aligning the new culture toA trusted, confidential student success and howspace for learning.students learn best. Expertise.Strategy, moving forwards. Learning from others.Coaching and mentoringForward planning.colleagues.Financial Planningfutureproofing.Enrolment.Recruitment.CONTACT US TODAY:Helen ODonoghue: www.tlcsunridge.co.uk sunridgeassociates@gmail.comAndrew Maiden: www.iexcellence.co.uk andrew@iexcellence.co.uk'