b'INCLUSIONschool. These are the litmus tests of future success.Students and employees should report a Recently, a board I worked with came up with thissense of fairness in access to and allocation of agreed understanding: opportunities.Equality = treating people as equals over and above statutory requirements. Be practicalEquity = recognising different starting points andThere are many practical steps that follow from such removing their impact by positive actions. a statement of intent, from challenging mindsets Diversity = recognising all the differences that anyand tackling systemic biases to agreeing measures group of people represent and the benefits of theseof progress. Proper investment of time and other differences. resources is also needed. Crucially, where schools are Inclusion = an emotional response to feelingbeing successful it is because they have ensured that respected, valued, safe, trusted and having a sense oftheir approach is part of their culture. Where schools belonging. have not yet had success it is typically because EEDI is seen as an add-on, is tokenistic and formulaic.They also agreed that ensuring that all parts of the school community (students, employees, families,Importantly, governors should be seen to be governors and supporters) should feel included andintentionally leading and not merely supporting that this goal should drive the activity of the schoolsteps towards greater inclusion and diversity as from the board downwards. shown by who is on the board. However difficult, this means actively seeking to ensure the board New goals has a mix genders, ethnic, social, educational and In order to achieve this intention, the board set out theprofessional backgrounds as well as other protected ambitious goals below and now plan, with the schoolcharacteristics, and a wide, balanced range of ages so leaders, to co-create and support the steps required tothat the phrase people like us becomes a positive make rapid progress towards these goals: affirmation of inclusive practice rather than an accusation of exclusion.There should be no gap in attainment between students which arises only from their background. Mike Buchanan is the founder of Students, employees, families and governors shouldPositivelyLeading. He is the executive head feel included. of Apex2100, the worlds leading ski The curriculum should be inclusive as reflected in the two bullet points above. academy for 10-19 year olds, and was Adults should report confidence in their ability toformerly the executive director of HMC, the manage EEDI without fear. elected chair of HMC and head of Ashford Students and employees should feel safe andSchool, Kent. Mike can be contacted on safeguarded when reporting on their degree of inclusion. mike@positivelyleading.co.uk.www.independentinsight.netIwww.iexcellence.co.ukIwww.i25awards.co.uk 19'