b'FORECASTING It is only by analysing the schools performance in comparison with competitors in the context of the market that the schools future potential for success can be assessed.Once this is understood, a strategy for realising thisthis informs future marketing strategy and indicates potential can be put in place through the setting ofwhether or not financial target are likely to be met.realistic goals and income projections.Indeed, the importance of being able to accurately Measurements and metrics forecast income cannot be overstated as its impact Strategies are nothing without key performanceis felt in every corner of the school. Plans for new indicators to show the way and demonstrate progress,or improved facilities, salary and pension increases, but many schools struggle to measure their success.not to mention day-to-day campus maintenance and operation, all depend on the promise of a steady flow At the outset it is important to agree performanceof income well into the future. measures and metrics that will be used consistently. For schools looking to increase their admissions,Analysing and understanding the data the school conversion rates are a useful go-to, but other morealready has, and viewing it in the context of available subtle measures can also be put in place to ensure thatmarket intelligence, removes the need for those twin the school is recruiting from an identified new targetevilsguesswork and assumption. Instead, it ensures market, for example, or in particular year groups, andthat decision-making for the future is built on a firm these can give valuable insight into the success orfoundation.otherwise of specific marketing campaigns, changed messaging or team focus. Surveys of new joiners andDaniel Cohen is head of business even non-joiners are particularly effective in drillingdevelopment at MTM Consulting. down into the reasons why certain families areDaniel can be contacted on choosing the schoolor choosing competitorsanddanielc@mtmconsulting.co.uk.www.independentinsight.netIwww.iexcellence.co.ukIwww.i25awards.co.uk 31'