b'STRATEGYOrganisational culture is often overlooked and the least discussed element about student achievement.education and maintain that caring atmosphereIt is from turning these feelings of fear and loss into and go above and beyond in considering theiraction, by reforming and reimagining anew, we can childs wellbeing. In the future, this is going to beallow others to see a way to handle their own strong a key indicator for parents in choosing a school foremotions without paralysis and the school can rebuild their child and a key indicator for any teacher orand recover better.leader wanting to find a new school and one any school cannot ignore.Consider anewThe pandemic has given us the opportunity to consider a There is an opportunity to reinforce cultural elementsnew future, to think what it is at the very core of what we that are essential and enduring, that serve the schooldo in school and build upon that. It has given us insights and its mission well. Organisational culture is ofteninto the importance of close relationships with families, overlooked and the least discussed element aboutsomething we probably already knew but during this student achievement. It is much more common to talktime it has been amplified, that sense of community and about strong leadership, close monitoring of studentbelonging for children and all staff is key as we move progress or the curriculum. It seems culture is anforwards. So, lets reflect on The Path to the New Normal, environmental factor rather than an educational one,published by McKinsey and Company (https://mck.much like the weather and something beyond humanco/2UFs2Y0), and consider the five elements to help lead control. But this is just not true. Using the lessonsthrough the pandemic and beyond: resolve, resilience, from the pandemic we can seek ways to create greaterreturn, reimagination and reform. Lets reimagine a opportunities for families to be involved in theirbrighter future for all our schools where this golden childs learning, look at how we can build learneropportunity allows us to enhance the very essence of agency into the curriculum with opportunities forwhat good schools do best: improve learning.increased learner choice and independence.I hope that all school leaders, governors and teachers Embrace your teachers have had a restful and well-deserved summer holiday, For your teachers, there is the genuine opportunitya chance to rewind, recharge and renew. If you would be to pause and consider how to build on the creation ofinterested in finding out ways you can reimagine a new a more leaderful school, distributing leadership withfuture for your school, then please do not hesitate to get new aspiring senior and middle leaders. In creatingin touch. We are seeking to build a forum of schools who a more leaderful school and developing capacity atwant to connect with one another, share best practice and all levels it is likely to result in a greater impact oncontinue to flourish in this new normal.student learning. Teachers at this time have shown how they can be resourceful and resilient, so now isHelen ODonoghue is a director of Sunridge the time to use this opportunity to embrace this andAssociates. If you would like to know more create a leadership model that is sustainable andabout this new initiative, email Helen at allows for personal growth for your teachers, who havesunridgeassociates@gmail.com or Andrew shown stellar teamwork during this period of intensity.Maiden at andrew@iexcellence.co.uk.www.independentinsight.netIwww.iexcellence.co.ukIwww.i25awards.co.uk 5'