b'RECENT NEWSBEYOND THE CLASSROOMAs ever, lots of things have happened that affect the independent sector in some way. Simon Shneerson provides an eclectic round-up of recent news about the education worldDuring the last 18 months, COVID has been incrediblywhich aims to help people of all ages to understand how tough for schools so I hope that you are returning tothey learn and to strengthen their learning abilities. the battlefield refreshed and rejuvenated, ready for the next set of challenges, regulations, restrictions and, toPioneered at Bristol University with proven benefits be more positive, opportunities. Education is nothing ifamong university and professional students, ELLi it is not about making the most of opportunities. (Effective Lifelong Learning inventory) provides a framework for assessing and developing individuals Do better, and be prouder about doing well learning styles and skills. This then helps teachers to This years GCSE and A-level results once again showedfocus their lessons and their communication, tailoring the value of good teaching and aspirational attitudes.things to each child so that he or she is able to overcome If elements of the media are to be believed, a coupleweaknesses and build on strengths.of key opportunities are for independent schools to become less good because its not fair that they areElli for Schools is now looking for a small number of as good as they are, and for all schools to become lessindependent schools to act as pioneers in introducing good at teaching girls because its not fair on boys ifthe system to school-age children. This is an opportunity the girls do better.for those who are quick off the mark to boost their teaching and learning, and it is something that could The real opportunity is, of course, for maintainedexcite parents as well as pupils.schools to be as effective as independent schools, and for all boys to learn and be taught as effectively as girlsA breath of fresh air?do and are.Meanwhile the DfE has moved ahead with an exciting opportunity of its own. The Telegraph reported on Another opportunity, for most independent schools,21 August that they had allocated 25 million to buy is to make the most of being the best. A lesson from300,000 COmonitors, helping state schools to improve 2the Olympics and the Paralympics is that our athletesventilation and reduce the chances of COVID outbreaks. typically said they were proud they had done so wellThis could, literally, be a life-saver.and that, being world-class, they aspired to do even better next time. Reviewing the various press releasesAs with so many DfE initiatives, it perhaps misses the that schools have issued since this years resultssimpler solution, that of instructing schools to open came out, that message about exam results is largelytheir windows. And, sadly, The Telegraph added that the absent and there is far too much modesty about whatmoney would only provide one monitor for, on average, independent schools have really achieved. every two classrooms. So it looks like the monitors will have to be moved around all day, and that means Exporting excellence someone will have the exciting task of being Monitor Even if schools dont realise how good they are, otherMonitor. people do. An interesting statistic appeared in this years ISC Census, showing the amazing further growthOn the plus side, having COmonitors in half of ones 2in British schools overseas. Not all these schools areclassrooms could create the basis for a clinical trial of affiliated to ISC, but those that are had 52,975 pupils inbackground factors affecting pupils propensity to catch 81 schools, up by 13% since 2020. At the same time,COVID. No doubt all the readers of Independent Insight the number of non-British pupils at UK schools onlywill await the results with baited breath, and baited declined from 58,650 to 54,236, a far better outcomebreath is probably a good idea anyway if you dont have than might be expected, given the difficulties ofCOmonitors in your own classrooms. 2international travel since COVID appeared.A new way to develop learning ability Simon Shneerson is a consultant to the independent school sector. Simon can be Under development for several years but with its schoolcontacted on shneerson@btinternet.com.roll-out halted by the pandemic, ELLi is a programme 6 www.independentinsight.netIwww.iexcellence.co.ukIwww.i25awards.co.uk'