b'WELLBEINGA CLEAN BILL?Mental health and wellbeing have found their way towards the top of the agenda, at long last. But what should schools do to help their pupils resilience? Vicky Wilson reportsMental health and wellbeing have been in the spotlightan increase in children being involved in court since the reopening of schools in March 2021 and thereproceedings, witness protection and homelessness.is now welcome commitment from the DfE and Mental Health in Education Action Group to prioritise mentalUnacceptable behaviour can be one of a number health in education recovery plans across England. of indicators of an underlying issue. Talking about acceptable and unacceptable behaviour can help raise The new Promoting and supporting mental healthawareness of potential risks and reduce the number of and wellbeing in schools and colleges guidance (firstallegations and incidents that occur. published in June 2021) suggests taking a co-ordinated and evidence-informed approach to mental healthPeer on peer abuse can be difficult to identify and deal and wellbeing in schools to improve pupil resiliencewith. It can take a number of forms, from bullying in and emotional wellbeing, which can help with readinessperson or online to physical or verbal abuse. However, to learn.it is crucial that schools are able to identify, manage and report any issues that arise in line with policies This Q&A-style article is designed to guideand procedures.school leaders through some topical issues, legal considerations, associated risks and relevant changesWhat did the recent Ofsted review conclude?to the statutory safeguarding guidance as well as someOfsted published its review of sexual abuse in schools thoughts on how schools can best equip themselves toand colleges in June 2021 and found that sexual improve pupil mental health and wellbeing. harassment, including online sexual abuse, has become normalised for children and young individuals in Does mental health and wellbeing fall underschools and colleges.safeguarding?Preventing impairment of childrens mental andInspectors visited 32 state and independent schools physical health or development is one of the fourand colleges and spoke to more than 900 children and elements contained in the definition of safeguardingyoung individuals, as well as leaders, teachers, parents and promoting the welfare of children in the new KCSIEand stakeholders.guidance (September 2021).As a result of the findings, Ofsted recommends that In addition, Having a mental health need has beenschool and college leaders act on the assumption added to the list of early help factors that schools needthat sexual harassment is impacting their pupils, and to look out for and be alert to (para 19 KCSIE 2021). Iftake a whole-school approach to address the issues staff have a mental health concern about a child that isin creating a culture where sexual harassment is not also a safeguarding issue, then immediate action shouldtolerated.be taken in line with your child protection policy.The report highlights current gaps in the curriculum What risks should schools be aware of? and support available to children and young people Children and young people may be vulnerable toand includes recommendations for improvements, safeguarding risks from within their family or fromwith support from the government through the Online individuals they come across in their day-to-day lives.Safety Bill, and other interventions.The sorts of factors that schools need to be aware of are both internal and external to your organisationallHow is harmful sexual behaviour defined?of which impact on the mental health and wellbeing ofThe definition of harmful sexual behaviour used by the pupils in the schools care. DfE and Ofsted reads: Sexual behaviours expressed by children and young people under the age of 18 During the pandemic, the UK has seen an increaseyears old that are developmentally inappropriate, may in domestic violence, online abuse, sexual abuse,be harmful towards self or others, or abusive towards harassment and/or exploitation. There has also beenanother child, young person or adult.8 www.independentinsight.netIwww.iexcellence.co.ukIwww.i25awards.co.uk'