b'WELLBEINGUnacceptable behaviour can be one of a number of indicators of an underlying issue.In legal terms, we tend to refer to the legal conceptissue. The role of senior mental health lead (SMHL) is of sexual harassment, but the above definition wouldnot mandatory, although if your school does choose to capture a range of behaviours, including: unwantedappoint one, they should be a member of or supported touching or violence; verbal harassment; onlineby the senior leadership team.bullying or harassment via social media or video/phone cameras. This type of behaviour could also be criminal. Additional information on mental health resources (which includes links to materials and lesson plans to Which school policies and procedures aresupport secondary school teachers) has been added at relevant? paragraph 44 of KCSIE 2021. If you are dealing with a case of unacceptable behaviour, particularly in relation to sexual abuse andWhat can be done to reduce risk?harassment, then a number of school policies will beIt can be helpful to conduct an internal audit to relevant. For independent schools it is essential thatidentify the procedural and operational risks relating the following documentation is clear and updated toto safeguarding. There isnt a template that fits all in reflect the current legislation and guidance: this regard, but you should be looking at all potential Child protection and safeguarding policyto includerisks under the following headings: legal structure of procedures for dealing with peer on peer abuse. your school; lines of responsibility; staff capacity and Pupil behaviour and discipline policies. workload; the school site and any operational risks; Equality policies. safer recruitment of staff and volunteers; appropriate The terms of the parent/school contract. education, training and updates for all.How do staff training requirements fit in? If each layer of your organisation is strong and Paragraph 13 of the new KCSIE 2021 guidance confirmsconnected to the next, then you will have a robust what school staff need to know. All staff should besafeguarding structure. If there are weaker links or aware of the above mentioned systems which supportmissing puzzle pieces then that is when the seriousness safeguarding and these should be explained to them asand likelihood of risk increases.part of a mandatory staff induction, which should also cover: staff behaviour/code of conduct; safeguardingInformation-sharing is another crucial element of response to children who go missing from education;effective safeguarding. Since the introduction of the and the role of the designated safeguarding lead. GDPR in 2016 and Data Protection Act 2018 there has been some confusion over whether and how to All staff should have regular reviews of their ownshare safeguarding information both internally and practice to ensure they have the knowledge, skillsexternally. It is a myth that safeguarding trumps data and expertise that they need to meet expectations.protection, as data protection and safeguarding work Furthermore, employers are responsible for ensuringharmoniously. If you need to share information there that their staff are competent to carry out theiris usually a justification and lawful basis for doing so responsibilities for safeguarding and promoting theunder data protection law. This is a complex area and welfare of children and creating an environment whereschools should consider professional input on policies staff feel able to raise concerns and feel supported inas they are reviewed so that staff can be confident their safeguarding role.when they come to apply them in practice.Do we need to appoint a senior mentalVicky Wilson is a senior associate in the health lead? Education Team at Wilsons Solicitors LLP. The DfE recognises that introducing a whole-schoolVicky can be contacted on vicky.wilson@approach will require strategic change and thereforewilsonsllp.com or 01722 427756.considers this to be a leadership and management www.independentinsight.netIwww.iexcellence.co.ukIwww.i25awards.co.uk 9'