Finance for Heads and Governors

Are you a head or governor who feels bamboozled during your independent school's financial presentations? Do you know which questions to ask to get the information you need?

Finance for Heads and Governors is a concise guide that will show you how to read school financial reports and projections in a way that will equip you to ask the right questions, make more informed comments and help you to guide your school to the best financial decisions. 

I welcome this book, which I believe will be of interest to those governors for whom finance is not their first language. Of course, a school is all about educating the pupils, but its finances have to be run in a business-like way – Finance for Heads and Governors shows you how.”
Richard Green, chairman of Governors at Prior's Field School and immediate past chairman of AGBIS

Written by Angus Cater MA, a specialist in training schools in financial management and the chairman of the SFS Group, this easy-to-understand guide will help financial novices (and the number-phobic) to get to grips with spreadsheets and other financial forecasts. Click on the cover image to the left to see some sample pages.

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Price: £12.99