Stakeholder Questionnaires

Stakeholder Questionnaires

How to make your school more responsive

Four ready-built Stakeholder Questionnaires for parents, staff, pupils and governors are available from our trusted partner Learnership.  

Governors increasingly air concerns about overload in the way school information is obtained and presented – and inspectors require more rigour and objective evidence.

Obtaining information through Stakeholder Questionnaires should ideally be sourced from a professional, external to the school. This leaves governors and bursars to draw value and improvement from ready analysed and properly structured reports. Being able to see the wood from the trees is vital when looking strategically at school performance.

Securing stakeholder feedback is key.

Parent customers are discerning and want to provide feedback with anonymity. They want to express ideas, rate the school, and then expect this to be linked to school improvement plans (and considered for school prospectus content).

Staff find it more difficult to be truly open about their concerns; an external provider assures confidentiality of data, and provides benchmarks against "best in class". Sharing this with staff will prompt deeper staff engagement in service chain improvements between teaching and support staff.

Pupils see what’s happening in the school every day from a different perspective to staff. It’s amazing what they feed back anonymously – when given the chance, their maturity shines through.

Governors' skillsets require evidencing regularly – and more vital is their understanding of school information. Any gaps should link to their training plans, later to be shared at inspection. An external method to capture their knowledge (alongside regular meetings) often unveils the key to a problem not shared in open forum.

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