The Toolkit

Governors' Compliance Toolkit
For a short demonstration of how the Toolkit works and the range of benefits to your school, click on the video above, and choose the full screen option.

Is your school compliant for your next ISI inspection? How do you know?

Are you having sleepless nights, worrying about the risk of your school's reputation if you don't have a good inspection -- along with the risk of losing pupils on your roll as a consequence?

Rest easy; we can help you to prepare for an ISI inspection.

The Toolkit is an online platform that supports bursars at UK independent schools become compliant with legal and regulatory requirements for an ISI compliance inspection, following official guidance and supporting best practice.

The Toolkit has been compiled and validated by a team of ISI inspectors. Subscribers are regularly updated by email with ongoing changes to ensure that they are kept up-to-date with new developments and regulations, so that it becomes a living, working document.

It helps bursars identify areas of non-compliance and improvement, but also provides the key inputs to develop an action plan to remedy any oversights.

The Toolkit confidentially helps prepare schools for the inspection regime, and provides modules to cover a range of other critical areas of compliance and best practice.

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