Free short videos to share with your governors

When the head and chair fall out
A school can be paralysed by a breakdown in the relationship between the head and chair. How can it be resolved?

Diversity on the board
Diversity on the school board is much more than ticking boxes. It is as much about diversity of thought and experience.

Financial uncertainty
When times are hard and finances are under pressure, how should governors budget effectively?

Conflicts of interest
How should a governing body handle a situation where one member is friends with a contractor?

When a Governor Should Move On
The ways to manage a longstanding governor to avoid causing hurt or creating an awkward situation

Optimum Size of a Governing Body
What is the right number of governors? Does it even matter? Are there risks in getting it wrong?

Inappropriate Behaviour
How does a governing body handle a governor who makes comments that others sometimes find offensive?
The Skills Audit
How to ensure that your school has the right balance of talents and diversity on your governing body
Parental Complaints
How to handle complaints made by parents about your school to avoid censure by ISI inspectors.
When the Head and Bursar fall out
How the governing body can resolve the problem of when the head and bursar no longer see eye to eye
The Governors' Role
A clarification of the difference between strategy (the governors) and operations (the senior leadership team).

When the Head and Chair are too close
An outline of the risks when a close relationship between the head and chair of governors becomes unprofessional.